Luckens Fumigation Services is a Company that deals with treating and/or preparing import and export consignments for the Department of Agriculture, Water & Environment clearance at our Bibra Lake depot. We also offer our services for goods not subject to DAWE.

It is important to note that we do not carry out any external or domestic pest control treatments.


  • Cleaning
  • Container lifts 6M and 12M (in gage and out of gage)
  • Crane lifts- Various tonnage available – 1 to 40 ton
  • Customs 77G Plant equipment and car storage
  • Customs 77G container storage 6M and 12M
  • Customs 77G pallet storage
  • Customs 77G unpacks 12M – Please be aware for consignments over 25 lines may incur a consolidation fee
  • Customs 77G unpacks 6M – Please be aware for consignments over 25 lines may incur a consolidation fee
  • Debarking timber and commodities
  • Destruction of dunnage, packaging, commodities and biosecurity waste
  • Disinfection of consignments
  • External and internal cleans 6M and 12M
  • Fresh produce unpacks and inspections 6M and 12M
  • Fumigation 12M (normal rate plus GAS rate and KHAPRA rate)
  • Fumigation 6M (normal rate plus GAS and KHAPRA rate)
  • Fumigation Export ISMP15 LCL, 6M and 12M stamping if required (unpacking maybe required to facilitate stamping of containerised freight should it need it. This will incur an unpack/repack charge)
  • Fumigation Import LCL
  • Heat treatment
  • Non-Quarantine unpacks 6M and 12M
  • Power and storage of refrigerated sea containers 6M and 12M
  • Stink Bug Fumigation 6M and 12M Methyl Bromide and ProFume
  • Storage Pallets
  • Storage containers 6M and 12M
  • Storage plant equipment and cars
  • Tailgates 6M and 12M
  • Unpacks and export packs 6M and 12M additional charges may apply to packs for dunnage, straps or shoring if required.
  • Unpacks and treatment of oversize tyres 6M and 12M